Gambling Problem

How To Recognize A Gambling Problem?

Signs of gambling or problem gambling addiction include:

  • Lying about their gambling habits to friends and family
  • Make up for losses by trying to win back lost money
  • Borrow money to be able to continue playing
  • Being unable to stop thinking about gambling
  • Being unable to fight the urge to gamble
  • Commit crimes so that you can keep playing

What is gambling doing to your brain?

Problem gambling can be very damaging to your mental health. People who live with this addiction can experience depression, distress, and other anxiety-related issues.

Like any other addiction, being addicted to gambling can make you feel discouraged and helpless. But it’s important not to lose hope, even when all seems lost. There is help available for you.

Is gambling considered a mental illness?

Problem gambling is considered an addictive disorder if it meets certain criteria. Problems brought on by gambling addiction can only exacerbate or worsen existing conditions.

How bad can gambling addiction get?

When you are in the grip of gambling addiction, everything becomes secondary to satisfying your urge to gamble. This can have terrible consequences, including:

  • Alienate and lose family and friends
  • Missing important stages in relationships
  • Losing huge amounts of money
  • Create huge debts
  • Going bankrupt
  • To lose his job
  • Losing your home
  • Going to jail for crimes you committed so you can continue gambling (like theft or fraud)

What is responsible gambling?

Gaming companies should take precautions to protect their players from the dangers of problem gambling.

All licensed and reputable operators are legally required to implement measures promoting responsible gambling. These include limits on deposits, wagers, and session lengths, as well as the ability for players to self-exclude and freeze their casino account for a specific period of time.

It also applies to the protection of minors against exposure to gambling.

Problem gambling is a very real phenomenon that affects millions of people around the world. If you suspect that you or your loved one has a gambling problem, there are warning signs that will help you confirm it and organizations where you can seek help and support.

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